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The Great Chiyogami Give Away!!!


This sweet contest is back again! Love, love, love chiyogami!


Contest from The Paper Place!

I get most of my decorative paper from The Paper Place in Toronto, ON.  Right now they are running a cool contest to win 637 pieces of chiyogami!

Go to to enter!

The Trouble With Paper in Regina

I started to find all of my materials yesterday for the project and I decided I’m going to make a criss-cross book (which I have never made before by the way) because I think the pictures will mesh well together in this format, but what do I know!

I wanted to use a piece of black chiyogami paper for the front and back covers, I have some at home but I won’t have enough for two copies, so I think I’m just going to have to end up using just plain black paper – it’s too bad though, Hyougushi is Japanese so I though it would be fitting to use some nice chiyogami, if I lived back in Toronto still I wouldn’t have a problem, the Paper Place has everything you could ever want in terms of paper, but here in Regina, there is a lack of all artist’s supplies in my opinion, it’s even hard to find nice/reasonably priced mat board.

But after work today I stopped at the Paper Umbrella because I haven’t been there in years and I found out that you can order items in from Toronto, so that’s what I did. Only problem is – now I have to wait one to two weeks for my paper to come in. It’s going to be very nice, a black Tairei paper with silver flecks.

I also figured out all of the dimensions and printed off the images onto some white card stock. So far, so good!

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