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Bookmarks VIII

This year I was able to particiapte in Bookmarks VIII – Escaping the Library System, so all summer I was cutting, pasting, and stamping my 100 bookmarks!

I’m glad I was able to be a part of such a neat project, and I’ve signed our library up to┬ádistribute┬áthe bookmarks next year, so that should be a lot of fun too!

A few samples of some of the bookmarks I made.



Alright so I finally managed to mail my 2nd binding 2.0 book “Cables” out! With moving in with Kirk and his whole crazy achilles issue, I have had very little time this summer to get anything done, but now that it’s mailed, I feel a lot better (and like I actually did something!) so, I have no idea if this will get to the right recipient or not…. I kind of just looked up mybloodyself’s name in a 411 directory, and he was the only person with his name listed there! So I will wait and see if I hear anything back!

Scrapping RE: Going with Circulation

Back finally to my next projet…

I tried to contact a couple of blog owners to see if I could use their content in a book form (on the advice of my lawyer boyfriend), but I haven’t heard anything back. So I’m thinking I’m going to move on to another project. I’m not sure why it didn’t work, I left postings to their blogs with a link to mine and explaning what I wanted to do, but no response. One of the blogs was in Hungarian so maybe there was a communication problem there, but I’m not sure what happened at the other blog. Oh well, I’m moving on to another project now and I’m going to see if it works again.

I’m going to be using Flickr again (maybe I should just stick with it so I don’t have to worry as much about copyright issues). The theme of this exhibition is “circulation” and it’s open to all types of art, not just artist’s books. My idea is to use some pictures from Mybloodyself (from Austin, Texas), who has some nice pictures on computer cables and wires. What I’m going to do is make them into a Jacob’s ladder type book, so there is a movement within the piece, eluding to the notion of circulation. Anyway, I haven’t made a Jacob’s ladder before either, so hopefully it works out again. I’m going to make two copies to start (you only have to send pictures in to be judged on this one). That way if I don’t make it into the exhibition I’ll have all the copies I need, one for Mybloodyself and one for me. I’m nervous about this one too, from what I can dig up, he’s an artist himself, so again, I hope he likes it!

“Flight” Exhibition

Well I heard back from the exhibition at Arts on Atlantic yesterday and it was good news! This is what the email said:

“I am pleased to inform you that your entry for “Flight” has been accepted for exhibition. Your entry was unanimously selected for the category “Best interpretation of the theme ‘Flight’.”

Needless to say I was pretty excited about that! Since it’s the first time I’ve submitted anything to an exhibition, and to be awarded a prize was also very unexpected! So, thank you very much to Hyougushi who inspired me to create this book.

When I get a link to the exhibition page I’ll be sure to post it!

Hyougushi’s Reaction & My New Project

Hyougushi received my package in the mail already! I thought it would take much longer, but I guess it was quite fast! I’ve been getting some comments on my blog about it, and Hyougushi also posted his pics and reaction to his flickr account… and he was happy! it seems like his friends all really liked it too, so I’m feeling pretty happy myself now. It feels nice making people smile and I’m glad everything worked out alright!

My next project is going to be inspired by an exhibition as well entitled “re:”. It invites book artists to submit works which take inspiration from works that being with “re”. I immediately though of recipes and so I though I could find someones blog with their recipes on it that I could make into a book so they would have them all together and be able to save them for their family to use for a long time.

I told my boyfriend about this idea, but since he is a lawyer (and works with intellectual property law), he told me that I’d better be careful of copyright, so for this project I’m going to have to ask permission from the blog author first. So in order to preserve somewhat of a surprise I’m going to ask for permission but not post any pictures of the item until they arrive at their house. That way they might know something is coming but not know when or what it will look like.

I have two blogs in mind for this project Lilahangya and My Secret Family Recipes. I found these blogs using the Technorati blog search for “secret family recipes”. I really liked Lilahangya’s blog because she writes in her blog description that “I prepare all these pages for my daughter, just in case if she needs a recipe from mum’s secret book thirty years later”. However this blog will be difficult to do I think because it is written in Hungarian, and I liked My Secret Family Recipes because it also said something similar, that is “these recipes have never been written down”.

Since I couldn’t find email addresses to either of these writers on their blogs, I’ve added comments to their latest posts and hopefully they will get back to me and won’t mind me making a book out of their recipes and submitting it to an exhibition.

In the mail!

So, I submitted the book to the exhibition last week, I’m excited to see if it gets in or not. I’m supposed to find out March 1st I think, so when I hear something I’ll post it.

I also sent a copy of the book to Hyougushi, I hope it gets to him alright. The lady at the post office said it would take 6 to 8 weeks to make it there (since it’s travelling via ship and not airplane) and I’m not even sure if I had the right address or not. Here’s how it looked when I packaged it:

Hyougushi In Flight Packaged

I only put a little sticker with the address to the blog on it, so that way it will be a bit of a mystery until he checks out the blog! I’m crossing my fingers that he enjoys what I did with his pictures.

Who is Hyougushi?

Today I became interested in who Hyougushi is, where he is from, and where I can send the book to, so the Librarian in me did a little Internet digging. From Hyougushi’s Flickr profile page I discovered:

  1. Hyougushi is a man and his name is Hideyuki Kamon (I think??).
  2. He has a blog (and with the help of the wonky Google Translator I was able to piece together a lot!)
  3. He works as a paper hanger/picture framer. This was neat to learn because like me, he also works with paper (making traditional Japanese screens and scrolls, etc.), and
  4. he enjoys Scouting.

I also found out the address of his business: Takarazuka, Hyogo Prefecture 665-0842, Japan 5-13-3 surface of the river (I’m guessing “surface of the river” means “on the river” – Google Translator is actually pretty bad!).

It was actually pretty easy to find all this info (which is kind of scary, because I know someone could probably do the same thing for me too!) but at least now I won’t have to email him in advance and ask him for his address, so sending him the book will be a complete surprise (if you are reading this please don’t spoil it by emailing him). I doubt it will be as easy to find contact info in the future for other book projects though.

Now, for some reason I feel like a stalker.

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