About Me:

I became interested in the book arts while I lived in Toronto from 2005-2007. I took a class from the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists’ Guild (CBBAG) and I was hooked. Since then, I have taken several more classes at CBBAG and continue to dabble in the book arts by myself and with the help of a few CBBAG Saskatchewan members. I also make custom protective enclosures (clamshell boxes, etc.). I’m also interested in papermaking, paper decoration, and the preservation of books/ephemera.

During the day, I’m a Librarian (that’s where I get my web 2.0 inspiration) and in my spare time I also enjoy gardening, being physically active, and appreciating nature.

About My Binding 2.0 Project:

This is the just of it:

  1. I find something that inspires me on a web 2.0 site (like a blog, social bookmarking site, photo/video sharing site, etc.).
  2. I brainstorm a good way to portray that information/image in a book form.
  3. I create three copies of a work (one for my personal collection, one to submit to exhibitions, and one to give to the person who created the web content I used).

To me, Binding 2.0 is about not only online collaboration and the result of putting-your-stuff-out-there for the whole world to see, it’s taking something which is virtual and “binding” it into a physical form. This dichotomy between the virtual and physical interests me as does the anonymity we experience when using web 2.0 tools. I think deep down when we use blogs, flickr, or wikis, etc. on a personal level for personal reasons, we don’t really expect others to “find” us… at least I don’t.


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