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Scrapping RE: Going with Circulation

Back finally to my next projet…

I tried to contact a couple of blog owners to see if I could use their content in a book form (on the advice of my lawyer boyfriend), but I haven’t heard anything back. So I’m thinking I’m going to move on to another project. I’m not sure why it didn’t work, I left postings to their blogs with a link to mine and explaning what I wanted to do, but no response. One of the blogs was in Hungarian so maybe there was a communication problem there, but I’m not sure what happened at the other blog. Oh well, I’m moving on to another project now and I’m going to see if it works again.

I’m going to be using Flickr again (maybe I should just stick with it so I don’t have to worry as much about copyright issues). The theme of this exhibition is “circulation” and it’s open to all types of art, not just artist’s books. My idea is to use some pictures from Mybloodyself (from Austin, Texas), who has some nice pictures on computer cables and wires. What I’m going to do is make them into a Jacob’s ladder type book, so there is a movement within the piece, eluding to the notion of circulation. Anyway, I haven’t made a Jacob’s ladder before either, so hopefully it works out again. I’m going to make two copies to start (you only have to send pictures in to be judged on this one). That way if I don’t make it into the exhibition I’ll have all the copies I need, one for Mybloodyself and one for me. I’m nervous about this one too, from what I can dig up, he’s an artist himself, so again, I hope he likes it!

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