The Great Chiyogami Give Away!!!


This sweet contest is back again! Love, love, love chiyogami!


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Bookmarks VIII

This year I was able to particiapte in Bookmarks VIII – Escaping the Library System, so all summer I was cutting, pasting, and stamping my 100 bookmarks!

I’m glad I was able to be a part of such a neat project, and I’ve signed our library up to distribute the bookmarks next year, so that should be a lot of fun too!

A few samples of some of the bookmarks I made.

The Great Origami Giveaway

The Great Origami Giveaway

The Paper Place is having another great contest this year, check it out:

“We were so pleased with the response to our Great Chiyogami Giveaway last year that we decided to run one again this holiday season with a different breed of paper lover in mind. Welcome to The Great Origami Giveaway!!”

via The Great Origami Giveaway.


Well, I haven’t updated my blog in ages, but I’ve been busy embroiled in a move and I’ve been focusing on creating small zines and ATCs lately, however, now that life has settled down a bit, I’m going to be starting up my artist books again (hopefully).

I’m also starting to make several custom books to make a little bit to support my pretty paper fetish.  If you are interested in a custom handbound book, drop me a line!

Nag Hammadi Book Swap

I was recenlty in a book swap with the good people at the Book Arts Forum on the theme of the Nag Hammadi. Here’s the book I made for the swap.

This is really only the 2nd or 3rd artist’s book that I’ve made, so I was quite nervous what the other swappers would say about it, especially my swap partner.  In the end though everyone seemed to love it and so did my swap partner Buechertiger.  I also want to thank her for the lovely pictures she took of the book (above). By the way, the Nag Hammadi that Buechertiger made was just fantastic! Here’s her wonderful book.

Contest from The Paper Place!

I get most of my decorative paper from The Paper Place in Toronto, ON.  Right now they are running a cool contest to win 637 pieces of chiyogami!

Go to to enter!

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